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Contact & hotline

Location Siegen

The EWM location Siegen was established in 2011 and now serves the regions Siegerland, Wittgenstein, Sauerland, North Hessen (LDK, MR), North Rhineland-Palatinate (AK) and the Obergischer district as well as the adjacent locations with the whole EWM product portfolio. This includes EWM welding machines, torches and welding consumables as well as welding accessories, oxyacetylene machines, work safety and extraction systems supplied by renowned partners. You also have access to an extensive range of tools from EWM Siegen.

The service offered by the location Siegen includes consultation, sales and training as well as repair and maintenance (including BGAV3 and calibration) for welding machines, welding torches and mechanisation systems (e.g. rotary tables) of all manufacturers. Of course, our branch in Siegen also offers a comprehensive rental service to give our customers the opportunity, for example, to respond to peak production periods.

Location Siegen
Köhlerweg 29
57250 Netphen

Tel: +49 2738 69241-0
Fax: +49 2738 69241-20

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